Tree of Life I

by Cindy Weil and contributors

The Tree of Life is an ancient mystical symbol appearing in various cultures from the Mayans to the Celts, Buddhism to Nordic mythology. While these cultural legends centered around the sacred Tree of Life may differ in their detail, their stories symbolize similar overarching concepts linked to religion, philosophy and spirituality. The Tree of Life is used in art, literature, and religion to illustrate the concept of interconnectedness within our universe. It is a timeless token of our connection to everything around us, and a powerful reminder that our own happiness and health are inextricably intertwined with the happiness and health of all living things.

We often use the term ‘family tree’ in relation to our ancestry. Through its intricate layout of branches, the Tree of Life symbol represents a connection to family, these shared roots linking us to our past and future generations. The life of a tree can be seen to symbolize the growth of family - a tree sprouts from a seed and as it grows and branches out, it gives new fruit and life to the next generation.

In 2018 Kehinde Wiley unveiled his show-stopping official portrait of Obama for the National Gallery. I couldn’t get it out of my mind, and I was inspired by his mad green floral background as I created this Tree of Life I. It is available as a single totem or as a member of the Tree of Life Triptych.


60” high x 13” in diameter. Acrylic, cotton and/or wool yarn covering a heavy-weight, recycled, hollow core.

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