Southern Border

by Cindy Weil with multiple contributors.

During the 18 months it took to build the Immigrant Yarn Project, a humanitarian crisis exploded on our southern border that still exists today - thousands of immigrant men, women and children held in prison-like conditions. What history shows us is that for every action, there is a reaction. For every family that is separated at the border, there will be a child who grows up alienated, alone and angry. For every death we bear witness to, there will be a life that persists despite devastating hardship to fight for what he/she/they deem to be their inalienable right to safety and asylum. For every obstacle that is erected, there is a seed of steely determination planted in an open heart.


72” high x 15” in diameter. Acrylic, cotton and/or wool yarn covering a heavy-weight, recycled, hollow core.

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