by Cindy Weil with contributors

The origin of lace is disputed by historians. An Italian claim is based on a 1493 will by the Milanese Sforza family, while a Flemish lace on the alb of a worshiping priest in a painting about 1485 by Hans Memling makes as strong a case. But since lace evolved from other techniques, it is impossible to say that it originated in any one place. What we can say, is that as early as the late 1700’s lace was all the fashion rage throughout Europe and the colonies, and its popularity continued into the modern era.

We received countless pieces of magnificent handmade lace for the Immigrant Yarn Project, usually will lovely letters describing the immigrant ancestor who made the lace.


72” high x 13” in diameter. Acrylic, cotton and/or wool yarn covering a heavy-weight, recycled, hollow core.

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